African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) Degree Programs

African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) Degree Programs

Degree and Program Options

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Degree programs include a General Education requirement with a minimum of 50 hours, a major, and electives. The General Education component is intended to provide the common experiences and knowledge that characterize the academically educated person. The major develops expertise in a specific discipline. The minor broadens the students’ education. Electives provide the opportunity for both exploration and continual study in areas of interest to the student.
AME University offers four-year academic programs leading to a bachelor’s degree (148 semester hours minimum). The student may select from 16 majors in working toward a career goal:

Bryant Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)
Bachelor of Christian Education (BCE)
Bachelor of Science (BSc) School Counseling
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Christian Family Counseling
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Pastoral Counseling

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mass Communication

College of Business and Public Administration

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Economics
Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting

College of Education

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Primary Education
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Secondary Education

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