African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) External Scholarship 

African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) External Scholarship

External Scholarship

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AME University offers needs and merit based scholarships in three categories: External, Internal and University sponsored. Scholarships are awarded each semester based on donor requirements and availability. Students may qualify for partial or full scholarship, or a combination of scholarships that covers tuition and fees. Some scholarships are limited by credit hours and fees. In certain instances, students may receive stipends for books and the payment of special fees. Partial scholarship may be limited in terms of credit hours and or fees. Most scholarships are not renewed automatically; students are encouraged to read the information and scholarship requirements from the donors. In the event that donors do not make payments, the student is ultimately held accountable for payment of tuition and fees.

Most university scholarships are need-based; students are advised to contact the scholarship coordinator at the email below for information on how to apply for scholarship:

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