African Methodist Episcopal University Application Procesion

African Methodist Episcopal University Application Procesion


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All FRESHMAN, TRANSFER AND READMITTED STUDENTS are required to submit the following documents to the Admissions Office in order to obtain letter of admission before commencing with registration – Click here to Apply Online

    1. Completed application form
    2. Two letters of recommendation (from a religious leader, and last school attended)
    3. West African Examination Council Certificate
    4. Three passport size photos
    5. High school transcript
    6. High school diploma (one copy, and original for inspection)
    7. Health certificate from a regionally recognized medical center

Note:  FRESHMAN STUDENTS are required to first sit and pass the University Entrance Exam before submitting the aforementioned admission documents.


    1. STATION #1:  All students are required to pick up financial clearance here
    2. STATION #2:  All students should pick up CONTROL SHEETS here.  Returning and readmitted students are required to pick up grade sheets here as well
    3. Proceed to REVIEW COURSE LISTING on bulletin or website, and select your courses
    4. STATION #3:  MEET with department Chair or Advisor at this station to receive academic advisement in planning courses. Advisor must sign the control sheet
    5. STATION #4: Meet with the appropriate Dean to finalize courses and approve overloads
    6. STATION #5:  Proceed to this station for courses to be entered into registration system; and to obtain printout
    7. STATION #6:  Pick up your BILL here
    8. STATION #7:  Proceed here for payment terms, and to receive BANK DEPOSIT SLIP
    9. STATION #8:  PROCEED to International Bank ( IB ) in the Library First floor and make payment. Some students may be asked to proceed to a nearby Ecobank branch to make payment
    10. STATION #9:  Submit copy of STAMPED bank deposit slip here to obtain official AME University payment receipt
    11. STATION #9:  Proceed here for registration complete (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)
    12. STATION #10: All transfer, freshman, & Re-admitted students must proceed here to receive ID card.

Note: SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS must ensure that arrears are settled with the University before commencing with registration process.

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