African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) Courses 

African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) Courses

Courses offered in the colleges granting first degrees are identified by three digit numbers in such a manner as to indicate the semester in which they are customarily offered and the level of instruction. Course numbers 101 to 102 are for freshman courses; 201 to 202, sophomore; 301 to 399, junior; and 401 to 499, senior courses. In most cases, odd numbers indicate first semester courses and even numbers indicate second semester courses. Thus, English 101 and 102 are respectively first and second credit courses in Freshman English; and English 201 and 202 are respectively first semester and second semester credit courses in Sophomore English. Each course number is prefixed for four letters, representing the course of a department. E.g. ACCT is Accounting, or SOCI is Sociology.

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Courses, with numbers 003 to 009, are non-credit courses. This is because of the candidate failure to pass both subjects during the Entrance & Placement Examination. Such student will be considered to do 001 or 009 in the subject that he/she had failed during the process.

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