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WAEC Liberia News 2018

WAEC Liberia News 2018 Introduction The West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organization, with its head-quarters in Accra, Ghana, was established in 1952 after the Governments of Ghana (then Gold Coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia enacted the West African Examinations Council Ordinances in 1951. Liberia became the fifth member of the Council in 1974. The enactment… Read More »

WAEC Liberia Online Registration 2020/2021

WAEC Liberia Online Registration 2020/2021 Online Registration for WASSCE FOR PRIVATE CANDIDATES, 2020 Registration Closes on Tuesday, July 31, 2020 11:59PM Late Registration Starts on Wednesday, August 1, 2020 Before you start your registration, be sure to have the followings ready: The correct Subject Registration Scratch Card depending on the number of subjects you intend to sit for.… Read More »

WAEC Liberia School Registration

WAEC Liberia School Registration Steps in completing your registration form: START REGISTRATION: Start your Registration by clicking on the REGISTRATION Link on the Left Panel. 2. CREATE YOUR REGISTRATION PROFILE: Enter your Surname, Firstname and Othername in the fields provided. The combination of your names with separation spaces must not be more than 35 characters. Enter your Subject Registration Scratch Card Information… Read More »

Total School In Montserrado County

Total School In Montserrado County Montserrado County Konuwa Elementary Junior and Senior High School, Barnesville Estate, Liberia Effort Baptist Church School, Howard Avenue, Paynesville, Liberia Evangel Christian Academy, Clapus Town Somalia Drive, Gardnersville Bethesda Christian Mission School, Robertsfield Highway, Paynesville ELWA Academy, Robertsfield Highway, Paynesville Nathan Eastman Gibson Memorial Academy, Morris Street, Du-port Road, Paynesville Carolyn A. Miller High School, Payneville Noah’s Ark… Read More »

Liberian Mongoose

Liberian Mongoose The Liberian mongoose (Liberiictis kuhni) is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family (Herpestidae). It is the only member of the genus Liberiictis. Phylogenetic analysis has shown that the Liberian mongoose is closely related other small, social mongooses and that the banded mongoose is its closest relative. It was discovered in Liberia in 1958. Little… Read More »

Liberia Currency Liberian Dollar

Liberia Currency Liberian Dollar The dollar (currency code LRD) has been the currency of Liberia since 1943. It was also the country’s currency between 1847 and 1907. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively L$ or LD$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents. Liberia First dollar The… Read More »