2 thoughts on “Current Job Vacancies in Liberia Opening in February 2020

  1. Nathan Y. Bellepea

    I have interest in any vacancy that will suit my qualification.
    I earned BSc in Economics with minor in Public Administration

  2. Titus v . king

    I seek interest in a job that could suit my quality. An able young and dynamic man with a quality speed in excellent delivery of service cream with skills in international relations backed up with language advantage be it in Spanish, French and English couple with others professional technical acquisitional knowledge in office & time management and with the ability to work under intense pressure yet maintaining a peaceful or gracious atmosphere with colleagues, clients and the conventional policies of human relations. I will feel honour and at the same very greatful for any job that appears very challenging in nature.
    Thank you for the quality time
    Sincerely yours
    Titus v. King


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