Cuttington University Graduate Entrance

Cuttington University Graduate Entrance

Applications for admission to the graduate school of  Cuttington University should be directed to:

The Office of Admissions
School of Graduate and Professional Studies
P.O. Box 10-0277
1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia
West Africa



Graduate School (Monrovia) Telephone:+231- 886-560-187 / +231- 886-733-028

Students seeking admission into the graduate school must present evidence of having attained an undergraduate degree from a school recognized by the National Commission for Higher Education.

Admission in Cuttington University Graduate School is of two types:

Examination Admission

This process is of twofold. Candidates seeking admission into the Graduate School through examination must sit a pass the Cuttington University Graduate Records Examination (CUGRE). Upon being listed successful from the CUGRE, candidates are then required to submit their academic credentials for inspection and subsequent scheduling of interview by the various schools at Cuttington’s Graduate Program. These interviews are conducted by Deans of Schools, Chairpersons of Departments or fulltime faculty advisors who then recommend the terms of a student’s admission into the graduate program.

Credential Admission

This form of admission does not require the candidate sitting the Cuttington University Graduate Records Examination (CUGRE). However, candidates in this category must have gained admission into a recognized graduate program and completed a semester with an average of not less than 3.00. Others in this category are masters and doctorate degree holders with credentials for well recognized and fully accredited Masters or Doctorate Degree Program. These candidates are also required to submit their academic credentials for inspection and subsequent scheduling of interview by the various schools at Cuttington’s Graduate Program which are then carried out by Deans of Schools, Chairpersons of Departments or fulltime faculty advisors who that recommend the terms of a student’s admission into the graduate program.


Students entering the graduate school could be given conditional admission which requires the student to enroll in and pass one or several courses as prescribed as the condition of the student’s admission with a minimum of “B” grade. The course(s) may not form a part of the student’s program checklist but is/are deemed necessary based on the review of student’s transcript, performance during the interview and the requirement of the program the student wishes to enroll.  A regular/outright/full admission requires no additional courses. This means that the student is allowed to go directly into his/her program of student.


Cuttington University Graduate School accepts only those students from institutions recognized and accredited by the National Council for Higher Education. For students wishing to transfer from a school located outside of Liberia, schools must provide credible evidence of accreditation by a recognized body in their home country. The University will only accept transfer students whose previous college records are satisfactory. Only courses with a grade of “B” and above are transferable. Additionally, only a maximum of 9 credit hours can be accepted from any transcript. Exemption with or without credit may be granted to students from other institutions. This provision is to provide exemption for the student for courses which may be duplicated at Cuttington University Graduate School.

Applications submitted for transfer are reviewed by the Admission Office and forwarded to the respective Schools for interview and evaluation. Applicants must satisfy Cuttington University requirements for entrance and for graduation. In addition to the general requirements, transfer students must submit transcripts for evaluation and verification. For institutions outside of Liberia, a valid mailing address, email address and phone number of the admission office of that institution is a must requirement to facilitate the verification process.

The Cuttington University Graduate School admits students who wishing to transfer from other graduate programs into its graduate programs. Students transferring to the Graduate School must have satisfactory graduate school from recognized and duly accredited graduate programs. The maximum number of credits accepted from a student’s academic records is nine credit hours (9 CRHRS) or three courses.

All students pursuing their second degree (first master’s degree) are required to submit original copies of the undergraduate transcripts along with a copy of their degree and their original for verification. Only candidates with credentials from duly accredited institutions of higher learning are eligible for the CUGRE. Prospective graduates from undergraduate programs who sit the CUGRE will not be interviewed or admitted into the Graduate School. All candidates must present their receipt and a valid identification/ identification card on the day of the test. The minimum acceptable grade point average required on the transcript for admission at the Graduate School is 2.5. All candidates who will be listed successful from the test are compelled to submit the following admission documents before being scheduled for interview:

  1. Three Letters of Recommendation (one from Church or Mosque, Community and University attended)
  2. A photocopy of first degree earned
  3. An original sealed-up copy of transcript from the Admissions Office
  4. Two long manila folders (Please do not write on them.)
  5. A two-page handwritten essay stating your goals and ambitions and some reasons why you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree.

Please note that the Graduate School is accepting GMAT Scores. All successful candidates missing their interview must re-sit the CUGRE.

For candidates wishing to acquire a second master degree, the following are required:

  1. a photocopy of first and second degrees earned
  2. an original sealed-up copy of transcript from the Admissions Office

Every student who files an application is considered for admission. The application process is as follows:

  1. Submit evidence of appropriate level completion. See the office for detailed list of documents needed.
  2. Submit non-refundable application fee.
  3. Successfully pass the University entrance examination and interview.


A foreign student is an individual whose country of origin is not Liberia. S/He should meet all of the requirements as any other student who seeks admission. In addition s/he should submit:

  1. Evidence of proficiency in the use of the English language.
  2. Authorized school records with notarized translation (if necessary);


Any applicant wishing to attend non-degree seminars, workshops or certificate programs at Cuttington University Graduate School and Professional Studies may enroll in such programs, but this in no way qualifies that individual for entry into the graduate programs. These students must make formal application for admission to the Office for Professional Studies and meet the following requirements:

  1. Meet all the prerequisites for the program of enrollment
  2. Not be a degree seeking candidate;


Students who were separated from the University for two semesters or more must apply for re-admission to the Office of Admissions and Records. However, re-admission will not apply to a student who has separated from the University for three years (six semesters) consecutively. Student in this case will be admitted as a new student and s/he will have to take the entrance examination and sit for interview. Students must meet the requirements for re-admission as prescribed by the academic policy.

These students will be required to pay a re-admission fee along with a letter requesting re-admission. These letters are addressed to:

The Office of Admissions

Cuttington University Graduate School


P.O. Box 10-0277

1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia

West Africa


Email: or _________________________

Graduate School (Monrovia) Telephone: ________________________________

As long as students are in continuous residence from the date of entry, they will be held accountable for the degree requirements in effect at the time of entry; however, once they have separated from school and there is a change in requirement before they return to school, they will be accountable for the degree requirements in effect at the time of return. Deviations from this policy will be permitted only upon appeal of the individual student to the ASC within one semester after the date of return. The ASC will decide each case upon its individual merits. The decision on re-admission by the Academic Standing Committee will be final.



All fees are payable at the time of registration. No candidate will be recommended for a degree until all required fees have been paid. The university cannot be held responsible for adding to an official graduation list the name of any candidate who pays fees after the list has been submitted to the Board of Trustees. Following the payment of all required fees, and upon approval of the Faculty Senate, the candidate will be recommended for the degree as of the date of the next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees at which time the awarding of degrees is a part of the agenda.


Students are encouraged to register in person. The periods for registration are stated in the calendar. Students should have their advisors assist them in the selection of courses.


Registration for any course for credit has to be completed within a week after the classes have started each semester. Anyone who seeks to register after that date must apply to the ASC; the ASC would examine the circumstances, which necessitated the late registration and may decide to permit registration with a fee to be determined by the Finance Office.


Cuttington University Graduate School recognizes the importance of sound, consistent advice to students; to achieve their educational goals. Thus, the University strives to provide an academic guidance system within which each student is assured academic guidance throughout his/her academic sojourn. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE FACULTY ADVISORS IN THE APPROPRIATE DEPARTMENTS.  Ultimately, the student is responsible for his/her choices at the university.


During any given semester, full-time academic load is 9 to 13 credit hours. The advisor is expected to determine the proper course load within those limits. With the permission of the advisor, Dean of School  and Vice President for Graduate School and Professional Studies a student who HAS ABOVE BOTH CUMULATIVE AND PAST SEMESTER GRADE POINT AVERAGES OF 4.0 may carry a load of two additional credit hours, with additional charges for these extra hours. No student at the Graduate School is allowed to carry less than 6 credit hours or two courses during any given semester. The Admission Office reserves the right to delete from a student’s account any unauthorized overloads at any time in the semester with appropriate documentation to the Office of the Vice President for Graduate School.


Students are not classified according to credit hours earned at the Graduate School. The classification into  freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, does not exist at the Graduate School. There are only graduating seniors or final year students who are at the verge of completing their course of study for graduation with minimum of 36 credits hours.


Students are expected to maintain continuous attendance in the university with no break in semesters. Students are given a course guide by their department advisor or dean when they are admitted. The course guide presents a plan for continuous attendance.

A student, who takes a break from the University for One Semester or more, may find changes to the curriculum in the course guide.  Some courses may have been replaced or dropped from the curriculum. In such cases, the student has to follow the new course guide as his/her entry date has changed from the original date of entry to the date of re-admittance.

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