General Counsel Job Vacancy In Liberia Opening In December 2018

General Counsel Job Vacancy In Liberia Opening In December 2018

The University of Liberia, a multi-campus, public university, is seeking nominations and applications for the position of General Counsel (GC). As chief legal officer of the University of Liberia, the GC provides legal services to the Board of Trustees, University President and senior management team (cabinet). The GC reports directly to the University’s Board of Trustees and to the President, provides legal guidance and counsel in executive and policy decision-making and serves as a member of the President’s cabinet.

The General Counsel is responsible for leading the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and its present team that includes 4 attorneys and counsellors retained to represent the University. In total, the General Counsel presently oversees 6 employees.

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The GC manages the University’s legal representation in all litigation and administrative proceedings. The GC provides counsel and advice concerning compliance with national statutes and regulations affecting institutions of higher education and legal advice, including preventative legal services and legal representation in monitoring and resolving disputes that may lead to litigation. Subject to direction of the Board of Trustees and President, the GC is responsible for resolving all legal claims and initiating and appealing all lawsuits and administrative proceedings.

Due to the unique status of the University of Liberia, the GC should be knowledgeable about cconstitutionnel autonomy and be able to provide advice, counsel, and legal support to the Board and President in this area. Additionally, the GC maintains an appropriate framework for internal control to evaluate and protect the University’s legal interests and reduce its legal risks. All University contracts relating to employment, purchasing, real estate, patents and technology marketing, sponsored research, external sales and other activities are subject to GC review.

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