General Counsel Job Vacancy In Liberia Opening In December 2018

General Counsel Job Vacancy In Liberia Opening In December 2018

The University of Liberia, a multi-campus, public university, is seeking nominations and applications for the position of General Counsel (GC). As chief legal officer of the University of Liberia, the GC provides legal services to the Board of Trustees, University President and senior management team (cabinet). The GC reports directly to the University’s Board of Trustees and to the President, provides legal guidance and counsel in executive and policy decision-making and serves as a member of the President’s cabinet.

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The General Counsel is responsible for leading the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and its present team that includes 4 attorneys and counsellors retained to represent the University. In total, the General Counsel presently oversees 6 employees.

The GC manages the University’s legal representation in all litigation and administrative proceedings. The GC provides counsel and advice concerning compliance with national statutes and regulations affecting institutions of higher education and legal advice, including preventative legal services and legal representation in monitoring and resolving disputes that may lead to litigation. Subject to direction of the Board of Trustees and President, the GC is responsible for resolving all legal claims and initiating and appealing all lawsuits and administrative proceedings.

Due to the unique status of the University of Liberia, the GC should be knowledgeable about cconstitutionnel autonomy and be able to provide advice, counsel, and legal support to the Board and President in this area. Additionally, the GC maintains an appropriate framework for internal control to evaluate and protect the University’s legal interests and reduce its legal risks. All University contracts relating to employment, purchasing, real estate, patents and technology marketing, sponsored research, external sales and other activities are subject to GC review.

The GC serves as attorney to the Board of Trustees in legal matters, and communicates legal issues and concerns to the attention of the Trustees, President, and senior Administrators. The GC also is responsible for reviewing all Board resolutions and policies for form and legality.

Essential Qualifications:

  • J.D. degree from an accredited law school.
  • Substantial experience as a practicing attorney in a sophisticated environment such as a reputable, multi-counsellor law firm, government agency, university, or non- profit or business corporation.
  • Significant leadership experience managing the work of attorneys and other professionals and/or in the representation of large complex and highly decentralized organizational clients with multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Maintains a high-level of respect within the bench and bar, and has the ability to be admitted to practice law in the Republic of Liberia.
  • Proven success in providing legal guidance in the context of complex organizations and a deeply held commitment to, and belief in, the value of collaborative decision- making.
  • Experience directly managing or supporting leadership in managing controversial and high profile issues.
  • Demonstrated success in leading, empowering, and delegating effectively to a successful team.
  • Ability to work collaboratively, and to communicate effectively, with multiple and diverse constituencies, such as faculty, staff, students, legislators, corporate partners, community leaders, the public, alumni and donors.
  • Demonstrated commitment and contribution to fostering and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • High ethical standards with a strong commitment to legal ethics exhibited in knowledge and practice, and professional responsibility.
  • Exceptional analytical, interpersonal, and written and oral communication skills, as well as sound judgment and personal and professional integrity.
  • Visionary, strategic, and inclusive leader committed to the highest standards of excellence.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in, or understanding of, the public sector and/or higher education environment.
  • Familiarity with the University of Liberia or comparable higher education institution.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the role of the University of Liberia in nation building.


The General Counsel (GC) provides legal advice and consultation to the Board of Trustees, University President, the Administration and faculty, and represents the University before University hearing bodies as well as administrative and judicial bodies of the Republic of Liberia. The GC reviews and recommends institutional policies and procedures, reviews or prepares contracts and other legal documents, and provides legal opinions to University committees and councils as directed by the Board of Trustees or the University President.


Education: A Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited law school is required.

Experience: At least five years of legal experience in delivering legal services to or within a complex organizational structure is required. Employment law experience is required. Litigation experience and excellent professional references are required.

License: Membership in the Liberian Bar Association is required.

Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills are required in order to communicate legal advice/opinions and provide consultation to people from all constituencies of the University. The ability to provide effective legal representation within time constraints is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.


  1. Serves as the GC for the University by providing legal advice or consultation to the Board of Trustees, University President, administration and faculty through administrative channels and reviewing and recommending institutional policies, procedures, guidelines and other documents as needed.
  2. Reduces the likelihood for inappropriate, unnecessary or costly institutional liability in contractual agreements and terms or business arrangements by reviewing and/or preparing contracts and other legal documents for execution by or on behalf of the University.
  3. Represents the University during administrative or judicial proceedings by serving as the General Counsel, advising in the representation, or overseeing the representation of the University before University hearing bodies as well as administrative and judicial bodies of the Republic of Liberia.
  4. Facilitates the establishment and continuance of appropriate and cooperative relationships between the University and external organizations by serving as the University’s liaison with counsel for other universities, the Minister of Justice, and similar officials.
  5. Provides requested legal opinions and advice to University committees and councils by serving as a resource person to the President’s Cabinet and such other bodies as directed by the Board of Trustees or the University President.
  6. Facilitates a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
  7. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as directed.
  8. Contributes to the overall success of the University by performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the University President or the Board of Trustees.


The GC presently supervises a 6-person legal and clerical staff.

How to Apply: Please email letter of application and detailed CV with compensation

requirements by November 5, 2018 to December 5, 2018 to: The office of the Vice President for Human Resources The position will remain opened until filled. No telephone inquiries, please. Only short- listed applicants will be contacted.

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