Job Interview Tips (What to Do Before Every Interview)

4. Check LinkedIn. Not only can you check your interviewer’s profile to get a better feel for her background, but you can also find out whether anyone in your network is connected to the company with which you’re interviewing. If you find out that your college roommate’s husband used to work there, you might be able to reach out to him for additional insight on the company, its culture and its key players.

5. Scrutinize the job description. Too often, candidates skim the job descriptions and miss crucial messages. Instead, you want to study it until you’re absolutely clear on what you’d do in this job, what the challenges are likely to be, and why you’d be a good match. In fact, the best thing you can do is to go through it line by line and think about how your experience and skills fit with each line. Spend some time thinking about examples from your past that you can use as supporting evidence that you’d excel at this job.

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