List of Primary and Secondary Schools in Monrovia, Liberia

List of Primary and Secondary Schools in Monrovia, Liberia

  • Addo-Mills International School System Liberia
  • Assembly of God High School, Caldwell Road, Bushrod Island
  • DLMA Academy International, Bishop Dortus C. Doe & Pastor Tammy Doe, Banersville Estates
  • D. Tweh Memorial High School, New Krutown, Bushrod Island
  • Haywood Mission School (Located in Sinkor, Old Road, Monrovia, Liberia)
  • Monrovia Training Academy, Elementary and Junior High, Lower Johnsonville
  • St. Edward Catholic High School, Logan Town
  • St. Matthew United Methodist High School, Logan Town,Bushord Island
  • Calvary Baptist Church School, Sinkor, Fiamah
  • Monrovia College and Industrial Training School
  • Technical Educational Centre
  • S.D.A. High School, Camp Johnson Road
  • The American Institute of Technical and Professional Education (AITPE), Bushrod Island
  • Snow Hill Gardnersville
  • JJY Gardnersville
  • Soltiamon Christian School System, Sinkor
  • Wells Hairston High School
  • Henri Wilmot Dennis United Methodist High School, Topoe Village Upper New Georgia
  • Peoples College High School, 24th Newport Street
  • William V. S. Tubman High School, 12th Street, Sinkor
  • St. Teresa’s Convent
  • College of West Africa, established in the 1830s
  • Harry Moniba Primary School
  • Boatswain Elementary & Junior High School
  • J.J. Roberts United Methodist School, Sinkor
  • E. Jonathan Goodridge
  • Jimmy Jolocon High School
  • St. Smueal High School, Monrovia
  • Kahatain Children Village High School, Brewerville
  • Lott Carey Baptist Mission School, Brewerville
  • Ricks Institute, Brewerville
  • Muslim Congress High School
  • Monrovia Football Academy
  • Salafiya Grammar School
  • American International School of Monrovia
  • Sister Shirley Kolmer Catholic School
  • Cathedral Catholic School

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List of Primary and Secondary Schools in Liberia

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