Take Control and Ace the Job Interview

Take Control and Ace the Job Interview

Kathy Broughton had worked in customer service most of her career. After being laid off from her last position, she noticed an ad for a job as a front desk clerk at a local hotel and decided this would be the ideal placement for her.

“I got the job because in the interview I looked straight into the GM’s eyes and said, ‘I want this job, and you won’t be sorry if you hire me. I have the personality and the qualifications to do this job. At the same time, I am willing to be flexible enough to do other jobs in your building, if necessary. If the bartender can’t make it, I can do his job. I’m prepared to do that at a moment’s notice. I’m a team player.'” Broughton was hired nearly on the spot and has turned her job into a long-term career move.

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