Top 16 Pieces of Career Advice

Top 16 Pieces of Career Advice

With petabytes of career advice out there, how do you find what’s really crucial? Here’s one guy’s votes:

Choosing a Career and Job

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1. Focus on what really matters. You’re more likely to be happy with your career and job if you focus less on its prestige or coolness and more on finding a career and job that uses your natural strengths and doesn’t tax your weaknesses, is appropriately challenging, with a good boss and co-workers, reasonable pay, commute and job security.

2. Career passion comes AFTER you’ve chosen it. Most people came to love their career only after they chose it and took the time to become a go-to guy or gal at it. So take a month or three to explore career options and then pick what feels best, even if it doesn’t make you want to do handsprings.

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