University of Fort Hare Zoology Department

University of Fort Hare Zoology Department

University of Fort Hare Zoology Department – The DZE aims to achieve excellence through high-quality education and research relevant to local, regional and national needs, and through cooperation with leading researchers and educators both in South Africa and internationally. The success of our mission will be measured by various outcomes, including:

  • attraction and retention of a growing number of learners and postgraduate students
  • increasing number of publications in high-quality journals
  • attraction of postgraduate students educated in other universities
  • increase in the number of students pursuing postgraduate careers in animal biology in other universities and/or being employed in areas where their zoological expertise is required.

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The DZE offers courses in Zoology from first-year to BSc Honours level and in Entomology from second-year to BSc Honours level. All courses are offered in Alice Campus. Postgraduate studies include Master and doctoral degrees in Zoology and Entomology. In the second half of 2008, the Zoology teaching programme has been entirely rethought, restructured and upgraded to reach international standards. Some changes were already implemented in 2009, and courses taught in 2010 fully corresponded to the new curriculum. Further changes to course prerequisites and to the Faculty Prospectus were implemented in 2010. The Entomology teaching programme will be recurriculated with the help of the new research leader (to be appointed soon).

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