WAEC Liberia School Registration

WAEC Liberia School Registration

Steps in completing your registration form:

    Start your Registration by clicking on the REGISTRATION Link on the Left Panel.

Enter your Surname, Firstname and Othername in the fields provided. The combination of your names with separation spaces must not be more than 35 characters.

Enter your Subject Registration Scratch Card Information in the fields provided. Choose a unique username and a password. This will be used as an alternative means of accessing your registration information at a later time, in addition to your Registration Scratch Card.

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Click on the Continue button OR click on the Back button to make corrections to your profile information. In the case of Late Registration period, you will be required to enter your Late Registration Scratch Card details before you can proceed to the next Registration Stage.

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On successful creation of your Registration Profile, a confirmation page is displayed. To continue with the Registration, click on the Continue button.

Complete the personal information section by selecting your gender, date of birth etc.

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Click Browse to Select a Passport Photograph and then Click Upload Photo to save and display the photograph. The acceptable dimension is width: 240pixels, height: 280pixels and size must be between 5kb and 25kb.

Fill in the Contact, Residential and Postal Address Information sections.

Select the subjects you wish to register for, your Preferred County and Center in the Subjects and Examination Center Information section.

Agree to the Declaration/Attestation by selecting the check-boxes beside the Declaration/Attestation section.

Click the Save and Exit button to save your information so that it can be modified at a later time. PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE AT THIS STAGE.

Click the Finalize Registration button when you have completed registration and ready to make final submission to WAEC database. Then click the Submit button if you are sure that ALL information are correct, otherwise click the Decline button if you still need to modify your details.

If the selected button is the Submit, the registration information is submitted and candidates are automatically assigned an Exam No. NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR INFORMATION ONCE YOU CLICK ON THE SUBMIT BUTTON.

The Admission Notice/Photocard page is then displayed for candidates to print and this indicate a successful completion of registration. Registration can only be said to have been completed IF AND ONLY IF the candidate has seen the Admission Notice/Photocard page.

Candidates are expected to print the Admission Notice/Photocard. This will be required during examination.

Candidates are advised to laminate their photocards after printing in order to keep them intact.

Candidates are also expected to keep the Subject Scratch Card intact as they will be used to check their exam results.


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