Wits University Faculty of Science Courses

Wits University Faculty of Science Courses

Wits University Faculty of Science Courses – Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

Earth Sciences Courses

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Earth Sciences study the earth’s processes, atmosphere, and organisms.

Specialist fields include the exploration for, and mining of, minerals; weather and earthquake prediction; the evolution of species; and the state of our natural environment and how to best manage it.

Earth Sciences courses are taught through the Schools of Geosciences and Geography, Archaeology, and Environmental Studies.

BSc Majors
  • BSc Geographical and Archaeological Studies
  • BSc Geological Sciences

Biological and Life Sciences Courses

Biology involves the study of living organisms, from understanding genes to managing ecosystems. This includes the biochemistry of molecules, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins; the physiological functions of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems; the influence of evolutionary relationships on biological problems; and aquatic and terrestrial ecology.

Biological Sciences fall into two main streams: the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Molecular and Cell Biology.

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